Approximately 1 hour duration - Your life will be looked at from a higher perspective, as well as issues around you, opportunities, and your gifts and lessons.

The session compromises a number of techniques, using colour visualisation, my own intuitive guidance for you and channelling from Archangel Metatron, as well as a number of spiritual tools and techniques that if appropriate I pass on from my own understanding and background learning. Often you will be given a number of areas to work on at home after the session.

Consultations can be repeated and used as support throughout the year - I would advise 6-8 weeks apart so that your body can process what has happened in the session. Consultations using colour are talking sessions - the energy contained within them comprises healing energy - and as with all work I do Metatron's energy is present, and will help push you on in a gentle loving way.

The sessions are interactive - and comprise a counselling element if needed, as well as possible advice on a number of issues.

Angelic Energy Healing Session:      £45.00

Sprays are available to buy:              £17.77 each
(Does not include Postage and Packing if required)

Angelic Energy Healing
Attunement & Connection Spray