Angelic Energy Healing

If you are reading this then Archangel Metatron has called your soul to his energies. I work intuitively with Archangel Metatron's energy using Colour Therapy, chakra balancing and incorporating my other therapies if they are needed to move you forward in different realms of your life.

I work with Colour Visualization and Metatron Sprays created by Amanda Ellis, to find out where help is required.

The Sprays come in amazing colours and are hand made energetically 'with Love', Essential Oils, Harrogate Sping Water, Alcohol, Crystal Essence & 100% Angelic Energy.

Angelic Energy Healing
Any of the Sprays can be purchased to continue the healing process after your session. They are also beneficial to hold when you are meditating. They can be used at any time. Spray in the air over your head and enjoy the fragrance tha falls around you or a light sprayon one hand and rubbed together with the other - then inhaled.
Soul Star Energy Spray
New Dawn
Bluebell Bridge
For Loss & Grief