What a typical session entails

The lovely thing about this treatment is that it can be done anywhere – on a chair or therapist’s table.

The client remains fully clothed whilst the treatment is performed and can take advantage of a little "time to themselves".

You do nothing, just lie back and completely relax, listen to the soothing music and just forget all your worries. Sound good?

The session usually starts with the therapist putting their hands on the client’s shoulders and asking them to take a slow deep breath.

The therapist may move to the client’s head, neck, shoulders, arms, knees or feet, depending where the therapist feels the channelled energy is needed.

Natural healing energy travels through the practitioner’s hands (using a light touch).

This energy travels through the body to the areas of greatest need, to heal and restore.

The session can last anything from 15 mins for a short treatment to about an hour if working on the whole body.

Some people fall asleep during a session so we give them a few minutes at the end to become aware of their surroundings.

The results are felt within 24 hours, with a general uplifting of the spirit and a more positive, relaxed outlook.

Reiki treatment is the channelling of natural, universal energy, which is always for your wellbeing and higher good.

You will feel more positive, more balanced and calmer.
Angelic Energy Healing